This superb projector system will give you a true cinema experience at home

Ian AV

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Apr 13, 2023
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Now your talking. A 'real' home cinema package that will deliver the goods at a reasonable price if you have the space for a decent sized screen. The DP-UB820EB is all you need to spend to get the best picture and audio quality using HDMI outputs. If you need dual purpose use for stereo music too, then look elsewhere or buy a dedicated player for stereo. Home cinema without a projector or a TV with at least a 75" and preferably 85" screen is just not home cinema. To me, projectors give a much more natural, involving, lifelike experience though as TV's have that unnatural shine / sheen that is not experienced in nature, albeit, pleasing to the eye in some circumstances. I feel that I am starting a digital / analogue-esque debate here.


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