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Question The next upgrade after moving to a PJ 1 xpression carbon?

Mar 28, 2016
Well after many, many years being happy with my older RP3 with 300 arm it has finally gone to be replaced with a PJ 1x carbon. Decided upon this a opposed to a new RP3 or upgrade to my current RP3 as I found the PJ was able to extract more detail from the vinyl than the RP, all be it delivered in a slightly more suitable/less aggressive manner than the RP did..in essence as per the What Hi Fi PJ 5* review.

The next question is what now to upgrade for my £500 budget; the amp or the speakers which are a Rotel RA-04SE and QAcoustic 2010is.

The essential/desirable are:

1) Amp must be able to run two pairs of speakers.
2) Speakers must be bookshelf
3) Essential to retain detail from PJ but would like to have a bit more drive to replace that lost when changed to RP if possible.
4) 2nd hand options would be considered
5) £500 budget in total but not all needs to be spent

Only thoughts I have so far are to keep amp and get a pair of KEF Q350 that I have been offered 2nd hand or B&W 607s.

Happy for any advice....oh and I am UK based


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Mar 17, 2013
Mabye second hand Kef LS50, they can be found for about half price

With a good "used" amp (don't have to be an amp that cost more than the price of the KFE LS50 when they where new) you could get a good system for £1000, if you don't already have a good amp.

You can start with a Marantz PM6006 or go for a pair of KEF lsx

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Mar 28, 2016
Granted, but it's just an tweaked Red, onwards and upwards but personally think you could have made a mistake thinking the upgrade especially the RB300 tonearm could be bettered by what you have.
Let us know what you think.
Its an old Rega and it is the detail from the vinyl that the PJ delivers which is what I like - looking at a pair of B&X 607s to replace the Qs as the upgrade.



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