The Last Pair Of Speakers

Dec 26, 2020
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My father has a pair of Energy 22 stereo speakers, they're fantastic (I actually have a pair too but they're stuck in Canada). Unfortunately the tweeter has gone on one of them. He's older so this will most likely be the last pair he'll buy.

With a budget of £600 or £1200 interest free credit terms. Can anyone suggest a full sized speaker? We have a cambridge Topaz AM10 amp
Unless we can get the energy 22's repaired in the UK.

I've seen three KEF Q550 for £600 but they're $550 in the states and that stings. Klipsch R-620F also is that price, but I think those are home theater speakers and we're looking for stereo! I have also looked at PSB T20's. Bowers & Wilkins I know are also very good, and would be happy to buy used if there was a warranty of sorts

The energy's whilst muddy in the mid range really fill the room and the upper frequencies are crystal clear.

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Fluance seem to get good reviews state side. think there a Canadian firm arnt they? I cant make out if you’re buying over here or there.

Think they should be in your short list either way
Along with
svs, mica, swan, Buchardt Audio, wharfdale, elac and so on! should all be on your list as well. All make affordable speakers that sound great.


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The muddy mid-range may partly be coming from the CA Topaz AM10, which is a pretty sub-par amplifier to be honest. It certainly isn't up to working with some of the speakers you're considering

£600 could buy amp and new speakers. If you could pick-up a second hand Marantz PM6006 and a pair of end-of-line B&W 606s, the listening experience will improve significantly.


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