Surround Sound on Normal TV Reception


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Aug 10, 2019
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We hear lots of reports about how good certain amplifiers are at processing Dolby Digital and Dolby HD tracks, however, most the TV we watch is normal BBC1 and ITV, so how do we get the best out of these signals?

Personally I use Sky HD receiver to watch BBC1 C4 etc and my surround sound amplifier I usually don't even switch on, I just route the stereo signals through my Hifi and listen in stereo, this is particularly good if I am watching a music channel such as Chart Show TV, as the sound from the Sky HD box is very good. If theres a movie on its normally only broadcast in stereo (from what I can see), so I route this through my surround amplifier (Sony STRDB930) and set the processing to "Normal Surround" and it gives me a kinda processed Dolby surround sound which, to be honest sucks a bit, all I can really hear is the centre and two front speakers.

Anyone else know how to best set up Terrestial / Satellite / Freeview tv for sound?

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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Yes, movies on terrestrial are broadcast in stereo only - to get Dolby Digital 5.1 you need the Sky HD box and even then not all HD programming is in 5.1. The best setting for those movies in stereo on TV is probably Dolby Pro-Logic, and an optical digital feed from the Sky HD box would give the best sound from those programmes broadcast in 5.1.

Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
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As you've got the kit, I'd urge you to try hearing the full 5.1 from Sky HD.

Movies, sport and drama sound great with the full immersive experience. You can still enjoy non-HD in stereo or Pro-logic as Andrew also covers....


Graham, I have the same receiver and agree that the normal surround pro logic sucks, big time. I find playing around with the other surround modes can get a more encompassing sound, dependant on what you are watching. Football etc, i use the GAME setting, or stadium. TV movies, cinema B. Music, usually one of the halls, live house or disco, or jazz club. Really its down t opersonal taste, but playing about can be really handy, especially with the plethora of surround modes this receiver offers. and remember that each can be adjusted in its own ways to get the most from what you watch.


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