Surround Sound Formats - What is the future? What is the now?


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Mar 9, 2016
Hi all, Im currently undertaking a dissertation in surround sound formats and what the future could be for these. I've put together a quick survey (about 7 or 8 ) questions to see about peoples feelings are with these formats. It would be great if you could help and spare a couple of minutes to fill out this survey. It would help me greatly and it might just be interesting for all of you too!


The questionnaire is very conservative. In terms of "how much are you willing to pay for a home cinema system", £1500 is a very small amount if you're looking at people installing Atmos etc. in their homes. Also, people will be more conversant about audio formats on blu rays rather than cinema. There is no question asking whether people already have immersive audio in their homes (like I do, and several others).


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