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Streaming to integrated amp

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Oct 29, 2019
What's the point of companies offering different streaming rates and different tiers basic/premium etc and why do we tolerate them. Cost seems to be one factor and the perceived ability of the human ears capabilities.
Am I listening to a master, is this album c.d quality has something unfolded or not?
Until there is some sort of standard acceptable concensus from streaming services and the reason for choosing one or the other is based on them offering a reliable well designed interface and high standard of quality as a given then I will use c.d as the listening format of choice.
i think if Spotify offer high Res /cd standard sound it will be game over for the myriad of suppliers as this is an app that people like and find intuitive.
The future of the hardware in audiophile terms is interesting. As of this moment in time if your phone can be the remote and stream and download, you get the picture then hifi companies claiming a 500 pound streamer is more audiophile than a fifty pounds box and the inevitable thousand pound plus behemoth as the ultimate experience is just little more than snake oil.
i guess I am saying it is frankly insulting to be offered a standard based on monthly cost as there is no need to offer a perceived lower rate if it is possible to offer the higher rate as standard. The same thought applies to hardware. If it can be attained now on cheaper systems/ phones etc where is the need for another fancy Dan dedicated 'audiophile' streamer box?
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