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Streaming services - what are YOU using?

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Dec 8, 2019
I did a 3 month trial of Amazon's HD service and I like the idea since I'm heavily invested in the Amazon ecosystem anyway and have had Prime for almost 9 years now. BUT, I like Tidal's interface better and I have years of saved music there. Amazon's slightly lower price isn't enough for me to switch so I'm keeping Tidal for now.

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Feb 8, 2010
I am on Spotify. A colleague at work had the idea of setting up a new playlist every week on a different theme with people contributing one song. It has worked really well with much new music being exposed to all collaborators. Spotify was the choice of service.


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Nov 8, 2009
At the moment I have 3 music streaming subs: (1) googleplay @£7.99 (reduced price because I was an original subscriber) is good for vast catalogue - would discontinue because it is only Standard def, but has quite a few tracks not available from other two; (2) Tidal HiFi @£19.99 - unsure about the assumed improvement in listening experience with Masters: my system unfolds MQA up to 96kHz, and I do notice a nice difference with tracks that were originally mastered well . . . however, Amazon has given me a re-think!; (3) Amazon Music Unlimited HD £14.99 (but currently one month in to enjoying a 3 month free trial) - their HD tracks [CD quality of all material available in CD format] sounds very good, and HD Ultra [= anything above 16bit/44.1kHz, eg 24bit/44.1kHz, 16bit/48kHz up to 24bit/192kHz] sounds brilliant - certainly matching anything I've heard from Tidal Masters. I did a simple listening test with Fleetwood Mac The Chain (2001 Remaster) across both providers and both sounded excellent [the last 90 seconds of this track is a really good test in this genre].
So, jury is out on which to stick with long term; over the coming months I will weigh-up the catalogue merits of each provider. Also, I will examine Tidal's "transparency" with their MQA encoding for Master recordings vs Amazon HD's Ultra offering.
Anyone else compared Tidal HiFi with Amazon Unlimited HD?
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