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Feb 3, 2015
Hi all

Following the demise of my MBP's screen, I am looking for a streamer to use with my Hegel 160 . I mainly listen to streamed music - though I do have a couple of HDDs with around 800 CDs worth of music on them. My main source is Apple Music though I'd easily be persuaded to switch to Qobuz . Also Apple doesn't give full resolution on Chromecast or AirPlay and doesn't appear natively on streamer software. I'd mainly use a wired connection to my amp

Two streamers have my attention: the Cambridge Audio CXN V2 ( £699 at Richer Sounds) and the Arcam ST60 (£949). I'm going to go with the CXN unless there's a compelling reason in terms of sound quality to spend more. What do you say folks?

Thank you for helping :)


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Nov 18, 2007

Add Bluesound Node 2i to the mix. I've been using the BN 2 (previous version) for the past three years, working fantastic, DAC in it is also good. Streaming is as smooth as butter. The app is best or equal to Sonos app IMO.


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Thanks folks. I'm still looking at options but your suggestions and comments are most welcome. Happy New Year
There’s always a compelling reason to spend more, if you read the adverts and reviews! But, yes, for many the Cambridge and Bluesound do well because the apps are versatile and they’re well supported. The former looks like a proper hifi source too. I can’t speak for its handling of your NAS, so check with Richer Sounds.

The Arcam probably makes sense if you have an all Arcam system, but I can’t see that it brings anything for the extra cost otherwise.
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