Static or something else?


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Aug 10, 2019
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Bit of a strange one this....

I have a Cambridge Audio set-up (amp, DAB, CD) with a matching iPod dock on top. I don't use it daily so it's left alone for periods of time, however when I do switch on the iPod there's a very evident electrical 'buzz' that whilst isn't sufficient to give an actual shock, there's definitely a tiny tingle.

This obviously isn't right and I wonder if anyone has any ideas as to the cause? I've checked every connection, both audio and electrical but everything appears ok.


PS. Mods - I did post this in the 'Problems' section but it seems to be little used hence the duplicate post here.....


No but I will.

How would a loose one give such a result?


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May 4, 2008
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Its just the way the chassis would for the most part be part of the ground/earth. It is possible that a screw being even partly loose could have an effect, i've experianced this myself with a very mild charge on the chassis and was cured this way, worth trying as a process of elimination.
Curious! Is the 'tingle' coming from the iPod or are you in contact with any other part of your system at the time? Along with what Shooter suggests I would try isolating each box in turn by disconnecting any interconnects and then see if you get the same effect. Also try grounding yourself first, by touching water pipe / radiator or the like, as the source may be you and not the equipment.
Do you then still get that tingling sensation?