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Aug 10, 2019
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My first foray on the forum and I'm an absolute beginner with home cinema. I have some basic hi-fi kit and a decent enough tv and want to get the full sound effect from my movies. Here goes:

Kit comprises DALI 505 floor standers (want to keep for now but plan to upgrade at some stage as part of a 5 or 7 speaker package), a NAD C352 amp, a basic Philips Blu Ray player (again, hope to upgrade at some stage) and a Samsung Series 6 (?) HD TV. So far I cannot get a good synchronised connect between all of them. I think I need to get an A/V Receiver to input DVD, TV, etc. and allow for future set of surround speakers, but using my DALIs for now.

Any advice very welcome.


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Apr 7, 2010
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Hi paulhughmcgowan welcome to the forum.

How much do you want to spend, what's the budget?

The Dali's you have are ok & are generally a good match for Yamaha A/V amps, as they tend to bring out the midrange of the Dali 505's.

If it were me i would get some Lektor 1's or 2's for the rear & try to match it all up with a good Dali centre speaker to go with the front floorstanders you presently have, the subwoofer is not quite so important.

Going for a new A/V amp? make sure you are going to have enough HDMI inputs for everything you have & are likely to get in the next few years.

Dont forget to add in the cost of leads, HDMI, Optical, RCA & the speaker cable.

Last of all, try your upmost to get a demo of all the kit you are choosing, remembering that things take time to run in especially speakers.


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