Spotify mobile flaky?


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Oct 12, 2008
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Anybody else having problems with spotify mobile being incredibly slow? especially in the evenings. I'm not having any problems streaming other media to my ipod, iplayer, internet radio and my nas drive work quickly just Spotify takes an age. I've even tried lower bitrate but that doesn't speed it up.

It seems to be since the last update that it's slowed. I was just interested to see if anyone else is having the same problem.

Joe Cox

Content Director, What Hi-Fi?
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May 31, 2007
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I would certainly get behind the 'flaky'. Mine has issues syncing offline playlists, regularly forgetting offline tracks so I have to resync - annoying if this happens when you're out and about and not near wifi.



You may be interested to know that many (probably all) Spotify subscribers are having this problem of forgetting off-line tracks. It's been going on for months! For evidence of this, just do a search of the various forums (even Spotify's own forum).

On my iTouch I regularly lose 40 tracks at a time, which I then have to resync - a real pain if you have limited broadband allowance.

Many, probably all, users only subcribe because of the off-line facility.

It's bad enough paying a subscription for such a "flaky" application. What is worse is that Spotify customer service refuse to even acknowledge that there is a substantial defect in the applicaton, and make any commitment fix it. Instead they try to fob us all off with excuses blaming "iCloud" and "ongoing improvements to the content database".

You say you are News Editor with What Hi-Fi?. Perhaps you can use your position to highlight this problem. Spotify are taking subscriptions for a service which doesn't work, and worse, continuing to advertise for new subscribers.

Many users are, like me, are looking for an alternative subscription service in the UK. Spotify's poor customer service will not be forgotten.


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Dec 4, 2007
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I've got BT infinity and stream Spotify through my Ipad to hifi but since upgrading to Ios5 and OSX Lion on my imac it takes 30seconds to a minute for a song to start playing on both. Not impressed. I've been considering cancelling my Spotify Premium subscription because instead of enjoying it I get annoyed every time I use it.

As an aside since installing ios5 my ipad keeps crashing and there are lags in apps. I miss the slick machine it was when I first got it.