Spincare record cleaner


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Apr 30, 2020
I bought myself a spincare record cleaner in the hope it might help with cleaning the odd record i buy 2nd hand but thought i would try it out on a few of my records 1st. Now its easy to use and i thought i did a good job but when i play a record after cleaning as per instruction and drying my needle is now picking up some sort of white dust or residue that was not there before i cleaned the record, now the reason i say this is because the record played fine before cleaning no issues at all.
So thinking the unit needs to go back for a refund as not keen on recking my needle which cost £200 to replace


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Oct 5, 2012
Buy a 2nd one Cleaning records like dishes they need a rinse
1st x wash with cleaning fluid & 2nd rinse with distilled / lab grade water
pop into fresh quality anti-static inners
Try another records cleaning fluid L art du son . MFSL etc

Vacuum / Ultrasonic RCM bit of a no brainer if you buy records from £350 Project etc
Spinclean can still be used as a pre-clean
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Mar 23, 2021
i had a problem in 50 of my records when moving to a new home built in the 40´s that white mould appeared in all of them (this after passing a winter there)but it can be cleaned from the records but i have to buy a good record cleaner , maybe some humidity left and cause the apearing of that white mould(wich is dry) ,it was the first time i saw it and i was 49 at the time, don´t know if you have a good magnifying system but as i worked in a laboratory of blood ,having to make bacterial culture , when cleaning the material, i had a ultrasonic machine where all was cleaned perfect, i´m waiting to see if a ultrasonic cleaner for records appears with a cheaper price ,the ones i´ve seen are weak and very expensive. Also theres some white dust that in reality are litle insects when magnified that also appeared on some photo lenses i have (sorry but my technical english is very bad ,i can´t explain my self better)but it can be cleaned ,not to worry


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