Speakers for NR905 - novice. advice please!

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If you like the 683 sound then go for them!

The amp power and speaker power ratings have almost nothing to do with each other. You have to think of it as a car. Would you put a ford fiesta engine in a Mercedes S Class? You could, and you could get to 60 mph eventually but the engine would scream all the way and the car would be a dog to drive. But if you put a Ferrari engine in a Ford Mondeo and treated the ford with real care, you'd be able to go faster than any other Ford in the world. You just need to be careful.

The power in the amp helps to drive the speakers so they can reach their potential without being run ragged in so doing. You should pay more attention to the speakers sensitivity, which describes how easy the speakers are to drive. Amp and speakers need to be well matched. Some are easier to drive than other and some are hard to drive and need a hugely powerful amp to sound their best.


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