Speakers for Cambridge audio


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Sep 9, 2007
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usher s520 lovely speakers with a fantastic range of finishes.a bit more pricey but the aurousal a1 are stunning,the ushers take up little space are quick footed and go deep for a small speaker.as for the aurousal they are next on my list.i may end up getting the ushers for my second system (waf) epos are nice speakers as are dynaudio.now the but,cambridge is good kit but you may find the need to upgrade quicker than usual.keep it simple upgrade a step at a time,have a demo,not to often and know what you want.the tdl's are your weak link in your system but have you given them time to break in.100 hours is not unusual for some makes.listen to all your music then you will know what sounds good and which falls short.as sex says,it's about the music not the equipment.good luck in your quest,gregory.