Speaker choice - Rotel and Musical fidelity


Nov 9, 2021

I am looking for new column speakers, that would associate well with my set up (Musical Fidelity M1SDAC + Rotel RB 1582 Power amp).
I mainly listen to classical music, in my living room (approximately 30 m2/420 sq ft). For now, I have BW DM110 speakers. It seems to me that upgrading would bring more precision and power.

Could you help me choosing new speakers that would serve my needs and pair well with my actual set up? My budget would be maximum 1000€.
I can get good deals for Triangle speakers (Antal 902/ Gaia Ez/eventually Quarter genèse), would you recommend those ?

Thank you very much!
Hi and welcome...

To be honest I've not heard the Rotel power amp for absolute years. Generally speaking B&W are a good match for Rotel, but I think all the modern incarnations are over your budget. But as your budget is in Euros I don't know what's available local to you.

If available I would look at Q Acoustics as well. beautifully detailed but unoffensive in presentation.

Sorry I can't be anymore help.


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