Speaker Cable


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Aug 10, 2019
I noticed that Paul Speltz's AntiCables were mentionied very positively by one member. Has anyone else had experinece of them. I am currently using a hybrid system Arcam A32 biamped with a Primare A30.2 power amp for the front speakers in both hi-fi (on thier own) and surround mode. The AV processing is via an Yamaha RXV2600 (used as a pre amp only) with a Primare A30.3 for the surround and Centre. I currently use Audioquest Indigo + for the front and centre speakers and more managable Supra cable for the surrounds.

Would I get a singificant imporvement if I replaced the Audioquest cables with the AntiCables?

Am also thinking of upgrading the received to the Onlyo £1000 or maybe the next model up with internet access or the new Denon equivilant. Is this mad or would it be a significat stop up in sound quality for home cinema.

Opinions appreciated.


Why would you opt for the £1,000 Onkyo when you only use it as a pre-amp? AFAIK all the new Onkyo amps from the 605 upwards decode the new HD formats. Although the Onkyo 875 gets raving reviews, I doubt it can better the quality of the A32 - unless you want to trade in the Arcam and Audiolab amps, that is.