Sound quality question re ipod an spekers


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Aug 10, 2019
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I'm thinking about purchasing either a griffin amplifi or the b & w zep for my ipod classic. The thing is my ipods songs, some 5000 have varied rates 128,190,320 etc. How much would i actually notice with regards to sound quality. I'm no expert, haven't got an expensive system, and generally like evrything loud, but would some songs sound distorted?



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I have an 80gb classic ipod playing through a Bose SoundDock and a 4gb nano playing through a Logitech mm50. I have downloaded CDs using bit rates from the lowest 128 AAC to Apple Lossless and bought tracks from itunes using both normal and 'plus' rates. On both speaker docks I can tell the difference between the lowest and highest bit rate, but not inbetween. Even then the difference is not as great as it was listening to a cassette and then the same album on CD, the comparison being my old hifi of Yamaha cassette and Arcam CD both through a Rega amp to B&W speakers.

I have also not noticed any distortion problems with playing at loud volumes with the speakers, only rattles generated elsewhere with the furniture/shelf the speaker dock is on.

More important than the bit rate is the equaliser setting on itunes and it's effect on sound, though it has more influence on the sound out of my computer than on either speaker dock. If you want it loud experiment with the equaliser especially if you end up with distortion.


Yep, both of those systems has the ability to show up the difference if you go from a 128Kbps track to a 320Kbps one. The Zeppelin - which is far better, in my opinion - will reveal the disparity in quality rather more, particularly in bass depth.


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