Sony KDL40EX523 - upgrade options


Nov 24, 2019
I've got a 40" Sony that is doing a good job in my front room (KDL40EX523) but have been considering upgrading. The question, is it worth it? I realise I can get a TV with 4K and HDR etc. but not sure how much value I'd get out of it. I have a standard Blu-ray player, Freesat and NowTv/Freeview box going into an STR-DH820 before hitting the TV. I don't really want to replace all the components as that would cost a fortune, so would be relying on the upscaling of the TV.

Now the big limitation is the TV size, really I only want to upgrade to a maximum of 43" as anything above that is getting too large for what I want in the room. I don't want to just buy for the sake of it and really want to be able to see the difference, so things like QLED were on the cards, but the bottom end Samsung QLED isn't that great compared to the higher end ranges.

So am I (as currently thinking) right in just staying with my current TV or is it worth the upgrade?


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