Sony Davis 10 mute problems.


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Nov 15, 2010
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My Sony Davis10 was off for three weeks whilst I was away. On returning, I find I can't seem to get the audio system through the TV.

It tells me that the muting os on, but pressing the mute button on the remote does nothing when I was expecting to the mute to then be off!

Normally, I have to press the 'Function' button on the remote just twice and then the surround system kicks in, but it seems to scroll through a range of settings now.

I can only hear Sky through the TV audio and I have none for DVD. I have done the usual things like check cables, turn on and off to reset etc but no luck.

Help!!! |(


I was a bit confused by the title. I have heard of a Bravia, but not a Davis! I think you maybe have an AV system?

We have an old DAV-S5 (I think it is) and our remote stopped working on several functions. But maybe yours has a hard reset somewhere too - at the back maybe?

Sorry not much help. Hope you get it sorted, and maybe re-post in the AV section here?


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