sony dav is10


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Aug 10, 2019
help help help

I have just purchase this wonderfull sony home cinema system but have a problem my tv only has one hdmi port at the rear so how do irecieve digital sound/vison from my satelite receiver

I have currently conectect my system to the saterlite via a digital optical cord and then from the satalite to the tv via a hdmi lead do i need to connect this to a switch box then another hdmi lead to the tv and a futher hdmi lead from the switch box to the sony system WILL THIS WORK

or is the an easy or better way many thanks mark

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
Assuming your TV has two HDMI inputs, all you need is another HDMI from the DAV-IS10 to the TV to carry pictures from the onboard DVD player.

Only if your TV has just a single input will you need to connect the DAV-IS10 and the satellite box to the switcher, and then a cable from the switcher to the TV's input.


Thanks Andrew for your promt reply but can i just go over this again

my tv as only one hdmi port therfore i need

connect satelite via hdmi lead to a swith box also connect the sony system via hdmi lead to the switch box and finally with a further hdmi lead connect to the tv

then bingo hope fully thanks again


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