Review Sonos Roam: First impressions


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May 16, 2008
When our second small bluetooth speaker failed this week I decided to investigate spending a bit more on better equipment. I was looking for a battery powered portable speaker that we can use in the bathroom and the garden and preferably compatible with both Apple AirPlay and bluetooth. It turned out that just about the only speaker that fits the bill is the Sonos Roam. We don't have any other Sonos equipment. I bit the bullet and ordered one.

First impressions? Incredible piece of kit. It took only about 5 minutes to set it up with the Sonos S2 app on the iPhone. Connect it to the home network and that was about it. Is shows up as Sonos Roam in all our Apple devices, even on my old Mac mini running macOS 10.14.6.

The sound is very good for such a small speaker. The Trueplay setting is interesting. The microphone in the Roam measures the environment and will adjust the sound. Very useful in a place with weird acoustics like the bathroom. What's great at home is that you don't have to ask the last person who paired with the bluetooth speaker to disconnect when you use AirPlay.

The Roam also looks pretty good too and feels very well made. We've got the white version.

If you have an Apple based environment around the house or even only an iPhone or an iPad I can certainly recommend the Roam. It works seamlessly with Apple devices. And it charges from a power bank I bought at Lidl.

This little speaker is exactly what we wanted and we hope it will serve us well both at home and on our travels for many years to come. I'm sure there are speakers out there that sound even better. But I doubt they have the rare combination of functionally, portability and sound quality.
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