Nov 24, 2021
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Hi everyone,

I am a product desing BSc student in my final year at university.
I was wondering if you could provide feedback on my designs, purely from an aesthetics point of view, and tell me which on you prefer out of the five pictured.
I have provided a google drive link, please let me know if they work fine. Anyone should have access.

A brief explanation of the design direction.- A high end smart mirror designed to enhance bathroom entertainment in a tactile way. It has a waterproof removable magnetic dial that controls the hifi speaker's volume and track selection, as well as controlling mirror backlighting hues and brightness. It's removable so you can take it to the shower or bath and still control everything from there by snapping it onto an adhesive pad. It is designed not to be another digital intrusion on one's life when in the bathroom, but instead enhances their experience and rituals in an unobtrusive way through lighting and sound.

If you could please tell me your favourite design(s) that would be great feedback for my project. The kind of people interested in bang and olufsen products are my ideal target market, so it would be really helpful to hear what everyone thinks.

1 being far left, 5 being far right.

Best regards,



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