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  1. TosicBob

    Question Advice for Headphones

    Goodmorning everyone! I would like to buy headphones and a dac / amp (if needed) for a total budget of € 300, maximum € 350. I would use them mainly for playing games and listening to music. Both open and closed back are fine, as long as they are comfortable, especially with glasses. I tried the...
  2. L

    Smart Hifi Bathroom Mirror Design Feedback

    Hi everyone, I am a product desing BSc student in my final year at university. I was wondering if you could provide feedback on my designs, purely from an aesthetics point of view, and tell me which on you prefer out of the five pictured. I have provided a google drive link, please let me know...
  3. Revan11

    Question Which open back headphones should I look into?

    I have never owned a set of open back headphones. For the last couple of years I have been using a set of Audio Technica ATH-M50X and am looking to get a set of replacements soon. I will be doing a mixture of music listening (EDM & Rock) and lots of gaming & have heard open back's are very good...
  4. SirBlacklist

    (Gaming/Music) Current: Focal Listen - Want to upgrade

    Hello! First-time poster but I've read through this forum a ton and decided my case is a bit different then what a lot of others posted or needed suggestions for. USE: Gaming/Music Gaming FPS Immersive Titles MMO's Music (all over the place but currently listening to;) Rush Tool The...