Sky Switcher Offer to Virgin TiVo Box - Plus spotify


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Nov 15, 2010
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I am presently paying £60 ish for Sky HD subscription, Sky Sports, Sky Movies plus what was the entertainment pack and annoyingly the news pack because Sky put Sky Sports News into that bundle.

I do not have Sky Broadband (got Orange broadband for "free" with my Iphone contract but its only 56 Mpbs or whatever so not quick) or multi-room. I have a BT phoneline on an unlimited landline bundle.

Is it time to switch ? Opinions please. Do love Sky but this Sky Switcher offer by Virgin looks tempting.

For £50.56 they are offering the following: Tivo box free set-up/installation, 175 Channels inc.Sky 1/Living/Discovery, ESPN for free, 23 HD Channels free, On Demand Service for free, Sky Anytime for free, An extra V HD Box for free with no multi-room subscription, 30Mb Broadband Unlimited usage/downloads, Free Internet Security, Wireless Super Hub and Unlimited UK landline calls.

They are also offering 6 months free Spotify Premium subscription which is apparantly coming soon.

Please can someone help a confused 40 year old out and give me a few pointers.

Please take into account - Was thinking of subscribing to Spotify Premium anyway, was not bothered about Sky Movies - thinking of cancelling them on Sky anyway (think it would take my subscription back down a bit but not much) BUT WILL DEF WANT SKY SPORTS , I also saw in the small print that you cant get Sky Sports News - which I love - is that correct ???

Sorry for all the waffle but wanted to give those that reply as much info as possible - PLEASE, CAN ANYONE ADVISE.


Andy Clough

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Apr 27, 2004
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Broadly speaking I find Virgin broadband excellent (I have the 30mb service) and TiVo is great, but I still think Sky has the edge for HD content.


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Feb 22, 2011
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Im switching, had sky since the early 90's. But ultimately I am saving £5 as I have the top bundle for everything.

Still I will be enquiring about this spotify account, lucky I caught this post in time! My installation date is the 1st of december!

Ravey Gravey Davy

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Apr 28, 2008
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psurquhart said:
Ravey Gravey Davy said:
Before you get to excited,can you get the Virgin TV service where you are? Check your postcode here.

Yup - they try to entice me at least every two weeks.

Even have the old Virgin cables in the house from the last owners.
I actually want to change and I get targeted fliers (ie not in the post as a Virgin broadband customer but area focussed to the occupier) which should indicate it is available or they are wasting money.The area has FTTB recently installed by BT so theoretically it should be possible. After posting earlier I rang Virgin to see if I can get the TV service .Three conversations,all saying I'd been put through to the wrong department and eventually I was told it could be 5 years before it is available in my area. If anyone at WHF has any contact with Sir Richard,could they let him know his team are either wasting markerting resources or missing out on sales through interdepartmental incompetence

Edit- or they're making lots of money on the landline call I made.