SHP9500 vs Sundara


May 10, 2022
So I'm still on the quest of finding something "better" than my shp9500.
After HD6xx debacle that sounded very veiled to my old ears no matter what i tried to throw at them I moved on to DT1990 Pro.
They were great. The build is excelent. The sound was almost there. Nice and bright just didn't feel the 3d space as much as Shps.
Enter Sundara. I'm still getting the feel for them but quick A/B confirms I like ShPs better.(still some veil left in comparison)
At this point I'm starting to feel like I'm stuck with my " end game" headphone that costs merely a 10th of what I'm prepared to spend. I know cost does not equal quality in this hobby but there must be something similar in sound but a significant step up.
Suggestions ?


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