Review Samsung Q60T 43inch


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Jun 12, 2020
So I’m new here, and posted a question asking for advice between a Q60T and their non-QLED TU8500. I thought I would post my review of it, in case anyone else is looking at this model. As I found out my missus could get a discount via her work, I went for the Q60T in the end. It had to be a 43” model as that is the only one that fitted in the space.

The TV turned up yesterday and replaces my previous Samsung, bought just before the 2012 Olympics.

Overall I have to say I’m amazed with this TV. HD content from Sky looks much, much better, with the upscaling being really noticeable. I’m watching ‘Planets’ with Brian Cox as I type (BBC2 HD) and the deep space shots are incredible. Watching Ultra-HD on Netflix is unreal. Deep blacks, fantastic highlights and certainly no issues with fast moving scenes.

Setup was simple, although I left most of the settings as default. I change a few things to suit my room, but nothing major.

Sounds wise, I use a Sonos sound bar, but during setup I used the TV speakers, which did not sound anything special (I know, it’s not a fair comparison).

If you are looking for a smaller TV, then I can heartedly recommend the Q60. At the current price of £799 it is expensive but I would say is still worth it. Once the price drops a little (or Samsung run a promotion) it really is great value for money. I can only imagine I’m going to keep this TV for many years.

Now all I have to do is wait until early July, when my Sky-HD box gets upgraded to Sky Q with their UHD package! :) For now it’s Netflix, searching out UHD content!


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