Samsung/Freeview HD signal drop outs


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi guys,

I've got a bit of a problem with a Samsung TV-hopefully someone can help me diagnose the problem!

Its a 32" LCD set, about 3 months old. Very recently, whlist watching either BBC or ITV HD channels through freeview HD either the signal or the decoder drops and the screen goes totally black for maybe a second, then returns to normal. Everything is fine through non-HD channels or Sky. This has only started happening since the Freeview tuner wanted a retune. The Freeview HD is integrated with the TV by the way.

Any ideas?! Is it the TV or the Freeview? Cheers!


Hi there,

I had exactly the same symptoms. Mine is a two day old Samsung ue32d5520 set which is an LED Freeview HD one. I found that a firmware upgrade has solved it.

The TV couldn't find any upgrades via the internet connection or through the aerial, however on the samsung website there was a new firmware version available which I was able to install via USB stick (it took me a while to realise that you have to open the .exe file on your computer first to extract it!)

I found that I could check the current firmware version in the 'support' area of the menu.

I hope this works for you if you haven't already solved it!


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