poor freeview

Oct 28, 2019
Hi all,

Need some advice please. My 12 year old sony 40 inch tv finally decided enough was enough. But it was a shame, because when i fed the aerial through the sony PVR, the freeview and hd was simply outstanding. i am not rich, so could not afford an oled, or full array tv. i went for the sony kd43xg8305. its last years model. the one with the X1 processor. i have a tiny flat, hence small screen size. to my horror, it wont let me use the sony svrhdt500 pvr for the tuner, so i plugged the aeriel straight into the tv and tunned. the picture was awful. i spent alot of time on the settings. its now ok. not great, but good enough, as long as i stay on the hd channels. freeview on the lesser channels like DMAX, is much worse than my old tv. this applies to all the freeview channels, apart from the main big five. the picture is grainy and poor on detail. the 4K is great. no problems there. 4 the money i paid, i am happy. its just the freeview. any ideas anyone?


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