RP3 Delayed Should I take the P3-24 for £300 or Wait ?


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Aug 28, 2011
The RP3 with elys 2 I have ordered is going to be delayed by a week or so due to some bearing issues or something, but my dealer has some new P3-24 for sale at £300. So I could get the P3-24 with the exact cartridge for the same price as the RP3 with the elys 2.

Am I been just impatient or is ther some merits in the P3-24 at the lower price with the better cartridge?

Any help/input would be appreciated.

Tricky! If it were my money I would hold out for the RP3.
In the end you have a better turntable - you can always upgrade cartridge at a later date.
Or indeed you could haggle with the dealer and see if he'll upgrade cartridge anyway -its worth a try.


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For one week, I'd wait, though £300 is pretty good for a P3-24.

I saw a few go on ebay but most ended up at well over £300. If you go for the old model, don't pay full price for the Exact though. The Elys is £50 off when supplied at the same time, so you should be looking to pay £450 to £475 for P3-24 with an Exact fitted, not over £500.
Well put nopiano.

With the advent of the RP3 dealers will be trying hard to get shot of their P3/24's.

I might be tempted to throw £400 cash money at them and tell them you will take it with an Exact fitted!


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