Room Acoustics - Magasine advice article needed ?


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May 27, 2009
After several upgrades I am fairly happy with my setup but I recon my room has more effect on overall sound than spending double on kit. Is this issue overlooked in the magasine? My room is far from ideal but I have 'better' kit than many of my friends. Their systems often sound better than mine since they have IMO a more ideal room layout.

Few of us can change our rooms too much and adding traps etc does not seem a good option in a normal living environment. Yet most of us are using our systems in a domestic environment.

My question / debate centres around a need for advice about setting up in non-ideal rooms. L-shaped rooms; corner TV systems, wide rather than long setups (as mine is) .

Is it possible to give advice on speaker location, crossover settings, toe-in, rear channel prefs etc? in these non-ideal situations?

Maybe the answer to all this is NO - experiment ! But maybe some have experiences to help out?

Hve a nice day out there.

(PS - How are you Stu?)


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