Roksan + Pioneer + B&W


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi all
I am looking for some opinions on a system. Up until now I have had the following
Marantz 67 SE CD Marantz PM7200 (Which has just blown up!) B&W CDM 1NT on Atacama stands Project Xperience + Speedbox + Ortofon Red MC cartridge + Phono Preamp Cable Talk 3.1 Biwire Speaker Cable QED Quenex 3 interconnects
I like the Roksan Kandy Amp and the Roksan CD and the Pioneer PD-D6J (have a few SACD). Any other amp or cd suggestions? I could repair the PM7200 and probably will anyway, but how does it compare to newer amps these days. Any opinions on the Pioneer A-A6? Good press reviews, but I have not been able to hear one back to back with the Roksan. Also the A-A9 did appear to be interesting, but reviews have not been complimentary.
I have always been able to really hear the differences in speakers and amps, but sometimes the cd player changes are lost on my ears. Therefore half of me is speculating whether to change my old cd player at all! I can hear the crying now.
Any help narrowing down a short list will be appreciated. I will then set myself up some more listening sessions. I am not overly blessed with cash, but I am prepared to push the boat out when my ears tell me to.