resga RS5 versus monitor audio BX5s for Cyrus amp


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Mar 19, 2013
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I'm looking for some new speakers for a 2nd hand Cyrus system I have recently purchased:

8vs2 amp, PXR-s and a CD8x cd player (not currently recognising discs!).

Basically I want some fllorstanders but in a smallish room in alcoves either side of a chimney (so they'll be close to a wall).

These both fit the bill in terms of size, price and quality.

I recently audioned the MA BX5s - had good bass, and sound, a little less bright than the regas (and others i've auditioned) but apparently not good against / near walls

Rega RS5s (on special at £600) in a different shop but also seemed brighter but lacking in bass. But could be used close to walls.

The Rega had big side cones so i was surprised by the bass; and it was in a much bigger (nicer) audition room than the BX5s. And other reviews don't seem to suggest a lack in bass. The MAs seeemed ideal but worried about close to walls.

I listen to an ecletic mix so it is better to be a jack of all rather than a specialist in one.

Has anyone had any experience with either speakers to suugest one above another.

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Jul 13, 2011
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I am a Monitor Audio fan. and suggest you go with them and put the post bungs they supply in the rear ports. I have done this with some RX6 speakers and they work fine. The front port serves the bass speaker and the rear port the bass midrange speaker.