Replace bluesound node 130 with Cambridge cxnV2 ?

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Aug 31, 2022
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I can buy a demo Cambridge cxnV2 for 600 euro. I have now a bluesound node 130. Is this wise? Can i expected better sound quality? My system mf m5si amp, tannoy xt8f speakers. Music rock and ( symphonic) metal. Interconnect tellurium q blue and speaker able Audioquest rocket 11.


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Nov 18, 2022
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I guess it depends, personally the musical Fidelity being a more neutral sounding amplifier in my experience, should pair quite well with the bluesound. On the other hand the Cambridge audio has an equally neutral sound with a slight tinge of warmth, but nowhere near as warm as the bluesound.

Personally I would take that money and upgrade my speakers and not even worry about it. I've tried every streamer under the sun with the exception of some of the high-end lumin And DCS solutions and I always come back to the bluesound. Mostly because of the stability and it just works and it always just works.

I can tell you about my snafoos with aurender And some of the other brands, where every time I go to turn the thing on to use it I have absolutely no clue whether or not it's going to work properly. I've never had that experience with bluesound and its products.

I " upgraded" to a ifi Audio Neo stream when it came out. And technically it dug a little more detail out of the music and had a little bit better sound staging than the bluesound but the usability was far and away way more finicky and prone to dropouts and prone to the problem I said before, which is you never know of the thing is going to work. Sometimes it would just disconnect from Wi-Fi or when I hooked it up with ethernet sometimes it would just disconnect from that and I would have to fully resent the device like 100% reset it back to factory just to get it to work again.

That's why bluesound makes such a great product because it just works and it always works and I don't care if I don't get better sound quality out of another product because to me the fact that when I go to listen to music I'm not having to whip out my laptop to do a full factory reset every time I want to go listen to music. Especially when I'm spending thousands of dollars or even hundreds of dollars on a product.

Take that money invest in some better speakers, nothing wrong with tannoys but upgrade your speakers and I guarantee you'll get way more mileage out of that.


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