Replace Arcam Alpha 3 with Marantz PM6004 - worth while investment?


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Aug 10, 2019
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I have aging Arcam Alpha 3 amp and have really enjoyed listening to it. Over the years I've added a Denon AV amp and never really found the it quite as musical as the Arcam, so used pre-outs to go into the Arcam. My CD player gave up the ghost many years back and did not replace it.

Firstly, I am looking to spend a modest (£400) amount get something much better than the Arcam and wondered if the PM6004 would blow me away or would be just a little bit better than the Arcam.

Secondly wanted to get a CD player and guess CD6004 would match up quite well?

The speakers are Tannoy 609s - I welcome any comments around this subjective subject...
Hi Kookul and welcome to the madhouse.

I would say yes the Marantz would be a very decent upgrade to the Arcam.

However, I would suggest an audition is a MUST. Marantz and Arcam are widely available so unless you're marooned on a Pacific Atoll booking with a local dealer shouldn't be too much hassle. Also, you could test the Marantz against the latest gen of Arcam amps which'll give you a better comparison.

Good luck, pp


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