Rega P8 + Apheta 3 + Ios Ref Phono stage = good purchase?


Jul 4, 2022
hi there

this will be my first post and I hope this is the right forum! I recently saw a listing for a ”barely used” Rega P8 with mounted Apheta 3 cartridge. Also included is a Rega Ios Reference Phono unit. I cant find much info on the Ios but it seems to have been regas top-of-the-line Phono preamp.

the seller and i are still negotiating on price but it will be around the 4,000 USD range. It seems like a great deal to me but heres the kicker - he doesnt have the packaging or receipts for the units. Will I have a hard time getting them serviced when the time comes?

would appreciate any input as this will be my first major hifi purchase 🙂386D0506-E2CD-44D0-815B-4C28EF83A5D7.pngCF2F8089-C35F-4467-B594-F72516EEA221.png
Welcome to the forum.
that's quite a jump....
To be honest I think the price may be a bit high but know little about that preamp.
We can buy the turntable and cartridge new for about £2480 in the UK that's $3000 so if you need that expensive phono preamp then it might be a good deal.
If you have Rega dealerships near you the whatever servicing you may need should not be a problem.
I think I would try to buy just the turntable and cartridge then buy a cheaper phono preamp new.
forgot that.... I have just seen the price of that Ios.
It is a good deal but still do not think you would need to spend that much when you could get a very good phono preamp from a US manufacturer.
However it is a good deal of you want to spend that much on a complete front end.
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