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plastic penguin

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Apr 28, 2008
Thank you for your input. My original post details a little better what I am after, and you are probably correct in your interpretation of the above. Primarily, I am looking for a pairing for my MF Encore 225 that will not add any colouration to what is already there in the music. I think the MF is fairly neutral (or balanced) in that it does not appear to add any such colouration or warmth to the recordings, and I am after a set of good quality speakers that will do the same, ideally from people who have experience with or have an MF encore player themselves.

I realise that it is easy to get drawn into 'h-fi' speak, or jargon, but I am a relative newbie and do not understand all of this, one person's 'natural' sound, is another person's' neutral' or 'accurate' sound, all of which may be correct in context to the individual poster, but may mean something else to different readers. For my part . I am rather hoping that If I use plain and ordinary words in context, most people will be able to understand what I mean, (with apologies to more seasoned audio and/or technical buffs who will no doubt sometimes cringe at the use of words, which may have a slightly different nuance in heir technical world). After all, I am seeking free advice and I am grateful for all such advice and opinion provided. Nor, for the avoidance of doubt, is this post intended as any kind of negative criticism of the last or other posts. I genuinely appreciate all contributions, which have so far and in the main been positive and informative, So, thanks again.
You have to bear in mind that not one brand fits all. It's so very subjective. One of the tricks that dealers have is to play the speakers at high volumes. This gives you an instant impact or wow factor. That gives little indication on what they're like to live with on daily basis, month in month out, year in....

My general rule of thumb is to match light with dark (lively and smooth). If all the components are light (lively) they can sound sterile and could grate over a longer period. If they are all dark, it can sound like a sonic soup - uninteresting to listen to.

That's why it's crucial to build up a good rapport with one or two dealers. When I visit a dealer I will tell them to "clear off" out of the demo room until I call for them. This gives me time to listen at different volumes and to evaluate whether they are worth a home demo.

These are a few tips from someone who's owned hi-fi since 1976
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May 8, 2021
Thank you both, (plastic penguin and 12th Monkey. It is interesting that Spendor have now been mentioned a couple of times in posts, although this should probably not be too surprising given the length of time in the Audio business.

Looks like my list is growing, but not immeasurably, which is absolutely brilliant. Thanks you all.


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Sep 20, 2016
Yes, we do also stock QLN loudspeakers. Prestige 3’s are truly sublime. New Prestige 1’s are on their way.

Which QLN loudspeakers did you have please?
That's great news. Rick, you're really doing great job unearthing lesser know brands. Kudos to you!

Mine were lowly Qubic 133 but they got me excited about QLN in general. That was about 4 years ago and what's even more important I made a friend when I moved them on and we're still in touch.
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That's great news. Rick, you're really doing great job unearthing lesser know brands. Kudos to you!
Thanks. Lately in addition to QLN loudspeakers we also took on Audionet, EMM Labs/Meitner Audio, Denafrips DAC's & DDC's, Lavaradin Technologies and please take a look at the following pics and see if you can name the brand -

kinki studio ex-m7 top panel pic..jpg
Top cover :)

kinki studio ex-m7 inside front top pic..jpg
Under the hood :cool:
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Ah yeah I forget how many of you guys access the site on a phone or tablet. We even have a mod or two that does. I sit in front of a PC or laptop all day and just assume everyone else does too sometimes.
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