Recommend some In-Wall & In-Ceiling speaker set up


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi there i have just purchased a brand new in-ceiling projector screen along with a projector lift as we are completely re-doing our lounge so want to make things neat & tidy. I am also considering buying a 7.1 in-wall & in-ceiling speaker set up but find it very difficult to get any sort of reviews for any products out there. I see all the big players do them like MA, M&K, Kef, Klipsch etc & also have seen some that specialise like Blu cube but all i want is some reviews to read or somewhere to demo?

My current set up is MA RS8 fronts with RS centre & Surrounds so want to keep the same or better the quality but in a neater in wall & in ceiling set up.

Any advise or opionions would be most welcome!




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Aug 28, 2007
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Hi Andy -

I used the in-ceiling speakers from Kef and found them very capable. The sound field was well spread, not direct, and they gave a fantastic surround effect. They also looked good in-ceiling. However I only used them for the surrounds, I suspect you will struggle to get in ceiling/wall speakers to match any where near your current set-up.

I would recomend using your current front and centre speakers as they are and using a pair or two of the Kef's as surrounds. Anything else would be a compromise. Better still (if you have the amplification) use a pair as front height effects speakers as part of a 9.1 system.



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