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Aug 10, 2019
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OK this is a little complicated as i live in South Africa and some makes have company representation here and others sell via agents. I am torn between buying the Sony STRDA3200ES and a Yamaha or Onkyo. In the US the Sony sells for close to $1000 and the Onkyo 605 for about $600 and an equivalent Yamaha for about the same price. Straight forward for me (i think) to buy the Onkyo, In South Africa i can get the Sony for R5300 (about $720) and the Onkyo 605 (or the yamaha RXv1700) sells for about R10000 ($1400). this is because Sony has a division in SA, but Onkyo only an agent. So suddenly the Sony is more cost effective. Is this a good buy? Then the 3300ES model is due to be released here in about 2 months time at the same price as the 3200ES. Do i wait to get upscaling or is this not a big issue? or should i consider another make at this price?

Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
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Hi there,

In your case, i'd say the big Sony is a good buy right now! Yes, the Onkyo is fantastic at (UK price) £400, but the Sony at £1000 is a far superior beast.


Thanks a lot. One more thing, would it be a much better proposal to wait for the 3300ES and possibly pay a bit more (not sure on price in SA yet) or at the current price just take the 3200ES for about 380 pounds which is probably on special to make way for the 3300ES. Is the difference that big enough to wait (probably the upscaling only) and is this feature all its made up to be.

Thanks again