Question about WiFi speed


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Dec 27, 2021
I am getting a Node 2i, but have a question about wifi speed. On my PC I get right around 300 for download speed, but on my Fire Tablet which I use presently thru a Klipsch gate and then into Audioengine 5+ speakers, I only get maybe 10-20 for a download speed.
Why such a difference and will it affect streaming Prime HD music?
I do have an old house with horsehair plastered walls and hardwood floors. Some walls have been removed so far and replaced with sheetrock but not all.
Can the wifi speed drop over 90% just going thru one floor and a couple walls ?
I will connect the Node 2i thru ethernet for sure, but I was thinking of using a Firestick 4k upstairs and was wondering how to improve my wifi upstairs.
Any thoughts on this to improve my wifi? Likely culprit is probably the tablet, but please let me know anyways, streaming is still pretty new to me.


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Feb 3, 2016
Wi-Fi is also dependent on the device. We have 400 up and down fibre, and the only place you actually get that is nowhere, unless physically connected to the router. My old iPhone SE (the old 5) gets about a third of the download speed of my current phone in the same location. I use a switch (£15-20) to connect more devices via ethernet. I’d recommend cat6 as the cat5e cable I had lying around maxed out at 100Mb for some reason. I got the Amazon basics cat6 and it’s fine.

Mesh is OK. I have one in the living room one in the kitchen and one upstairs, but it doesn’t guarantee good speed. As soon as you move away into another room, even maintaining line of sight, the speed drops significantly. I typically get 30-50 around the house, but that is much less than the theoretical maximum.

I use a fire stick 4K upstairs with my projector at 1080p with no problem, but as the crow flies am only about 12 ft away from two of my mesh points. As an alternative powerline might be a good option and you can get an ethernet adapter for the fire stick. Depends if you have spare sockets but I think you’ll probably be fine provided you’re not too far from your Wi-Fi.


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