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Jan 26, 2021
Hi there,
I bought a Denon D-M41 recently, mostly based on the 5/5 review inWhat HI*FI.
I am very happy with the sound quality, but I had one doubt ask to other Denon DM41 owners.
The equipment produces a basal sound of CD reading that is heard quite a bit when listening to low music. Obviously when you increase volume or use headphones it is minimized or not heard.
As I had read that the equipment hardly produces noise and that noise sources had been reduced, I wanted to know if this CD reading sound is normal and occurs in all units, or if something happens with mine .
Cheers and thank you,

prince albert

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May 7, 2020
I suppose speakers are in phase, another idea the figure of eight lead pull it out and turn it round plug back in and listen again
this can have a little effect on sound I have one and do find a slight difference to sound quality
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...As I had read that the equipment hardly produces noise and that noise sources had been reduced....
When they speak of reduced noise Denon are referring to noise from the electronics (the sort heard through speakers or headphones).
What you're describing Manser, is mechanical noise from the CD mechanism.
It's not unusual to hear some such noise during CD operation.
You might notice that the noise decreases toward the end of a disc (the drive motor gets slower, as the laser reads the disc from the centre to the outer edge).

As it happens, my brother has mentioned that the mechanism on his DM40 is noisy.
It is possible that it could be an issue with the drives Denon are using.

I suggest that you see if the noise is as bad with all of your discs.
Also, try to compare the noise level with another CD player if possible, to help you decide your next move (if any).
Even on the quietest players, you will hear some mechanical noise at close range.
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Nov 15, 2019
As Gray says, it is not unusual. I can hear some mechanical noise on my DM41 but not so much that it irritates me. The unit is next to the bed, so often close to my head. When I am other side of the room, then I don't hear it at all.
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Nov 23, 2007
All CD players make some mechanical noise, but to different extents depending on the drive used and how well it is isolated. Those Denon shoebox systems do tend to make a bit more than some CD players, though some full-size standalone players also make easily audible transport noise, NAD being a prime example. This is an issue that irritates me as I listen to a lot of solo piano music at low volumes.
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