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Aug 10, 2019
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(An original, circa 1980) Dunlop SystemDeck/Rega RB250/Goldring 'Elan' MM Cartridge

Quad CD player / Quad 99 Pre Amp / Quad 909 Power Amp

Quad 22L2 Floor Standers - yet to see a review of these speakers ?

The next piece of kit to go (upwards) must obviously be the deck.

Purchased the Quad kit in April, first upgrade for 25 years, speakers were Kef 104AB's, which STILL sound good, the amp...you DONT want to know, very very dire piece of equipment

Its taken forever to run the Amps/Speakers in, cannot say specifically wether it was the speakers or the amps, all I know is that in the last 2 to3 weeks I find myself tapping fingers/feet to, basically, whatever I'm playing be it 'The marriage of Figaro' to Steve Miller Band/Little Feat/Jo Walsh/Goldfrapp etc.

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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[quote user="Dan Dare"]

(An original, circa 1980) Dunlop SystemDeck/Rega RB250/Goldring 'Elan' MM Cartridge

The next piece of kit to go (upwards) must obviously be the deck.


You know what? I'm not so sure...

The Systemdek was always very good indeed, and I see no reason to change it if you're happy with its performance. I think you'll have to spend quite a lot to do better, and your turntable might well respond to a little TLC, such as a new belt like the ones here.

the record spot

Could maybe bump up the cartridge a bit? Isn't the Elan the lower end of the Rega range? The one before the Elys? If so, could maybe upgrade that, otherwise I'd be tempted to hang on to it as well; nice deck!



Funny you both say the deck is still a good deck. My daughters partner was most impressed after a quick, unfortunatley is really was a quick listen. His comments were clarity,bass and detail, played a track he knew, his set up is B&W speakers/ Rega 3 Deck/ Nad amp (BIG one, power wise), and seemed to think the cartridge was a good one (£35 MM), but then retracted and commented it was probably the whole lot worked well togeather.

As mentioned initially, its only in the last 5/6 weeks that the old foot has started to jig about involuntarily, and the music is just there?, and, even my wife has commented on how real/being there is (and she IS NOT hi fi orientated, believe me) after listening to the Peter Gabriel CD that came with the Sunday mail a few weeks back.

So, as I'm more than happy, I'll take your advice and keep the Systemdek but I'll certainly upgrade the cartridge at a later date, and, if you have'nt heard the CD above, give it a listed, sonme excellent tracks, especially the live recordings of 'Salisbury Hill' and 'Dont give up'


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