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Aug 22, 2007
[quote user="Clare Newsome"]

Yes, I have Sky HD. But I set it to output on Auto, so the Onkyo's doing all the upscaling - the result is better-looking telly, whether watching native HD shows or not.[/quote]

Yeah, I've tried it on Auto too. I've even been sad enough to hook up with component as well as HDMI, so I could feed out 576i with SD, just to see if it made any difference. But it wasn't really anything startling (with my kit anyway). Combined with the Anytime SD/HD problem, and a girfriend fussing about the screen flicker when changing channels, I decided to let the Sky box output at 1080i, for an easy life!

I just find that there's such a tiny difference in in-built scalers that I can't be fussed tinkering again! Maybe I need to try it with the current batch of upscalers, but my experiences with the PS3 and it's supposedly awesome upscaling lead me to think that it could be much effort for little return.

A few friends have been gushing about their standalone scalers, but they have considerably more money than me, so I'm not going there
Would maybe be interesting to see what you guys think about them in the mag though, with comparisons to the latest upscaling amps etc?



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