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Mar 8, 2021
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Hello again. I have an untreated 19' x 13' room 8' ceiling height.. On one of the long walls There are two windows covered by wood blinds also a large glass and wood cabinet.. Front wall has a 55" inch TV and Stand, I will use this stand for my equipment and flank speakers on both sides of stand. Speaker placement and listening position are flexible depending on sound.. Other than cabinet, windows and TV all other walls are bare... I listen to primarily classic rock, blues and some singer song writer stuff, Stones, Beatles, Zeppelin, Pete Yorn, David Gray.. lately I have been into some jazz guitar music including some Steve Vai, Joe Satriani.. So I finally got a chance to demo some of the speakers on my list and I love the sound, style and looks of the Q Acoustic 3050i floor standing speakers. They were driven by A Yamaha AVR not sure of the model but the place did not have any dedicated 2 channel amps to demo.... My thought is to buy the 3050i's and possibly get a PS Audio Sprout 100 and a Schitt modi 3 dac and use my lap top to play my cd collection loaded on Itunes maybe through Audirvana. I was also thinking of getting Tidal.. Do you think the Sprout and Schitt will be a good pair for the 3050i or should I be looking at something else. Another option could be the Cambridge Audio CXA61 as I have read this is a good match with the 3050i.. All experience, ideas and suggestions would be appreciated...
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Jul 18, 2016
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Opinions here may mean nothing when describing sound. I love the marantz q acoustics sound. A few people have commented on my setup.

I would recommend any of the pm6### series after the 6004 because of the built in dac, you may get one second hand cheaply. You could buy a usb to spdif converter to feed your laptop to the amp or add a USB dac if you fancy. I guess you could go for an older pm6004 and add a usb dac also, the newer models are only marginally better than the preceding models if at all


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