PS42Q97HDX Plasma -Neither Scart Inputs are optimized for RGB Input???


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Aug 10, 2019
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According to Samsung's Technical Department, the two Scart Sockets on the set are both Composite Inputs (Neither socket has been optimized for RGB input)

Is this correct as I thought that one of the two inputs was RGB enabled?


Krime & Harris Detectives: Do your 50inch Sammy's have an RGB dedicated Scart input at the back?


Thanks Krime.

I went to my Panasonic shop this morning and they offered me a TH42PX70 for £860.00 without stand or Wall bracket to also include a 5 year Guarantee, which incidentally they are only running until the end of this month they said. Then I went to Currys and the guy there said that they couldn't after all match the £699 Dixons online price and the best they could do for me on a PS42Q96HDX would be £799.00 plus £50 delivery should I want this.

Then onto Comet and I saw the Panasonic TH42PX70 and Samsung PS42Q97HDX, literally one in front of the other. I saw them both with just plain old Analogue, Freeview, and SKYHD, though the assistant was kind enough to run through the SD channels via the HD box for me too. And, if I can repeat myself yet again the Samsung in my humble, layman's, opinion is far far superior to the Panasonic.I also played around with both remotes to familiarise myself with both sets. I must have been there a good hour, and much to the chagrin of the assistant who tried to flog me the Samsung for £849.00, I left the shop without buying it. I also saw the Pioneer 4280XD there too, but for want of starting WWIII on comment! Suffices to say as good as it is I am not convinced that the Pioneer is actually worth an extra £800, almost twice as much as the Samsung.......Oh no it ain't...finito Benito!!!

Anyway, I am in love with the Samsung. The 42 incher and 50incher PSQ97HDX's are quite stunning. I actually throught I was watching Freeview on the 42incher to begin with but when I checked it was actually anologue my jaw dropped. And with both Freeview and upscaled SD via the SKYHD box, I was gobsmacked. I would simply love the 50incher but I now have let my head rule my heart, which isn't easy for me right now, but as a compromise I may have to go for the 42incher unless I want a divorce. Both are stunning displays.

I can get the 42incher from Co Op Electrical online for £715.00 to include a Saturday delivery. I may have been tempted to buy from Crampton and Moore online at £750 incl a 3 year Guarantee, but they never reply to my emails which hardly bodes confidence in them to say the least.

Incidentally, on other posts I have referred a few time to Warranties. Just to say to those thinking about buying their Panny from the Panny shop ( and I'm so glad I spelt that right) the 4 year warranty period after the first 12 months is with Domestic & General, so you may wish to find out how much just the TV is from the shop and then go onto D & G and get a quote for a warranty of between 1 and 5 years just to see if it would be any cheaper overall doing things that way.


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