Projector screen choice ????


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Aug 16, 2016
Hi I'm looking at getting a benq w1080+, after reading lots of reviews etc it seems the best projector to go for given my situation ie budget, location etc.

however I have no clue as to what screen to get??

the projector is going to be ceiling mounted around 5' from the screen and it's going in my lounge which has 2 large widows, one to the left of screen and one dead opposite.

i was thinking about a pull down or electric screen depending on costs as I can't have a permanent rigid screen.

i have blackout curtains so even on a bright sunny day I can get the room fairly dark but was hoping I could use the projector maybe without closing the curtains, just for gaming and sky Tv use for the kids etc.

could anyone suggest the perfect screen for my spec ?? Also am I on the mark with my projector selection or is there a better one at roughly the same price as the benq??

You need a screen suitable for ambient light. The best screen (and one of the cheapest in its class) is Draper ReAct 3.0. Even though one of the cheapest in class, it'll cost twice as much as your projector.


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Sep 24, 2008
Also, have a look at the Optoma HD27.

The only projectors suitable for ambient light are business projectors, which are not very good for home cinema, so concentrate on darkened viewing.

You need to get a screen that matches the technology used in the projector, and your room, to get the best results, so best to ask your dealer, who should be able to suggest a suitable screen for your purposes. (Many screen manufactures also have a calculator on their site which allows you to input your projector and room conditions, and will then give you suggestions)

Don’t buy a screen just because it is cheap, as matching the screen to the projector/room, is of vital importance to get the best results.

Hope this helps



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Aug 16, 2016
Thankyou, as this is my first attempt at projectors for home cinema I don't want it to be a let down, I understand that having a low budget may result in having to accept less picture quality etc but if I can get a the best results for budget/entry Level equipment then I'll be happy with that as a starting point??

ill check out your suggestion ??



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Sep 3, 2010
I recently changed my old manual pull down screen for a remote controlled electric version and thought I would have to spend loads but a search on Amazon found me this one:

It cost me £100 including delivery, when it came I was impressed with the weight of the box it came it, opened it up to find a well put together and smart looking screen housing which to me looked more like £500 worth, it came with clear instructions on how to mount it etc.

The picture quality I'm getting from my budget Optoma projector is excellent even in low ambient light but for serious viewing I turn all the lights off.

Hope this gives you some idea that if you are on a tight budget then great results can still be achieved.



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