problems playing FULL HD


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Aug 10, 2019
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hii guys

i need some help

i am tryin to play some full HD content on my new SONY bravia X series which is 1080p using my dvd player which is a PIONEER dv-600-av n as written on the player 1080p i expect it to play full hd content ..

as the player has a usb port i have downloaded 1080p and 720p video from to my pen drive and tried to play it using the usb port. i was not able to play 1080 or even the 720 giving me an error which said "resolution not supported".

player n tv both are set to 1080p mode
they are connected via HDMI
player supports divx6
i tried to play avi as well as wmv formats but both gave same error

i am not able to understand why is it giving me such errors when the player n tv both support 1080p

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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Movies on USB not supported, AFAIK.

The manual says:

"Using the USB interface
It is possible to listen to two-channel audio and
watch JPEG files using the USB interface on
the front of this unit. Connect a USB mass
storage device as shown below.

This includes playback of MP3/WMA/
MPEG-4 AAC/JPEG files (except files with
copy-protection or restricted playback)."

No mention of movies.

Think you'll have to burn them to CD and then play them in the player's disc drive.


yea buddy even i had the same doubt but i am able to play all other downloaded movies via the usb provided the quality is below 720p.. n it is playin the avi as well as wmv format via usb for other movies.. its only a prob wit hd content


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