Problem with spotify group on play fi since update?

Fidelity dom

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Dec 3, 2020
Hi ive noticed that since the most recent playfi update 2 days ago i can't play my two 'spotify grouped' systems independently anymore. I have one system on an ethernet connection & a second system (audiolab 6000a play) on a wifi connection. I was able to play both as a group & independently (ie with one or the other system switched off) however now to play the ethernet connected 6000n on my main system i have to have the second wifi connected one switched on as well otherwise spotify doesn't connect........? Ive tried deleting the spotify group & then reinstating it but i still have the same problem. If i remove the 'spotify group' so I can't play both systems together, then both become available to play as independent choices & i can select either from the select device section on spotify. Just wondered if anyone else had experienced this problem or knows a way around it.......🤔