Primare and playing 4K ultra HD blu-ray discs


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Jul 11, 2016
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Does anybody have experience with the Primare combo – SPA23 4KVM AV amplifier and BD32 MkII universal blu-ray player? Is it possible to use 4K ultra HD blu-ray discs with this combo? The amplifier should allow 4K UHD pass-through, but I am not sure, if the player can read such kind of discs. Any help would be welcome. Thanks.
Player looks like it doesn't - I can't imagine there are many (if any) players of that age that would. Look for an UltraHD logo on it, but I doubt there will be one there.

If the amp doesn't allow 4kpass through, you can always send one output from a 4k blu ray player for sound and the other direct to screen for pictures - but its name suggests it will.


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As above. That Primare player cannot play 4K discs.
I believe it can upscale regular 1080p Blu ray discs to 4K though onto a 4K screen (to produce a likely better picture quality than your screen doing the upscaling would).