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Mar 6, 2011
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I currently have a pair of Wharfedale Diamond 10.1s for audio and have the chance of a package deal involving Wharfedale DX-1HCP + an AV receiver (either Marantz NR1602 or Onkyo TX-NR609)

Given the package cost for either is the same, the Onkyo deal appears to offer better value for money.

I am thinking that adding the Diamonds as front speakers would create a solid 7.1 system.

The issue is with the stereo - I'd like to keep the Diamonds connected to my amp for music. I understand that this is possible if the av amp has "pre-outs". The Onkyo does not list anything specific about pre-outs so I'm presuming it does not have them.

The Marantz does offer but it states 2.1 pre-outs - does this mean it would not offer 7.1 support?

I'm a bit confused with the pre-out terminology and also if this is my only option if I want the Diamonds to remain connected to a dedicated stereo amp. Or perhaps I've missed something obvious - I cannot be the only person wanting to use speakers for both audio and home cinema?

Also, I'm not really sure I'd get a lot of extra benefit from the 7.1, it is more a nice to have. Are there any opinions/comparisons on the two amp choices?



2.1 preout would mean that only 2 channels are available for preout (the .1 is a normal subwoofer output), it's not like the rest of the amp goes silent if you use the preamp outputs. 2.1 normally means that the amp can output is front left and right signals as preout, but I know that the Marantz 1402 offers its surround back channels as outputs, and the fronts only in a bi-amp configuration. Ask your dealer before buying.

You should also make sure that your stereo amplifier has a preamp bypass input, going by names such as "power in", "av in", "ht mode" etc.


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