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I've currently got these 4 with me:IMG_20230328_123855_MP.jpg
...and I started to think about their value.
Each is rated at 1200W per channel into 2 ohms.
They've been blasting out vinyl, CD and MP3 😱 in a nightclub for 17 years - needing only a couple of replacement mains switches between them.

As far as I know, the model has never cost more than £1000 to buy (significantly less I think).
All 4 would probably cost less than any equivalently specced hi-fi power amp?

Combined, they weigh more than I do and yet..... THAT fuse costs considerably more money!

(I thought about switching each to bridged mono and bi-amping my speakers - they say you can never have too much power - but with a potential peak 4,800W per channel, I didn't want to see my little PMC standmounts in flames 🔥)

For those that like to see inside things - you can't miss the main cause of the weight:


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You won't struggle to get high SPLs with these. New ones are £750 each online and are indeed 2 Ohm 'steady'. What do they sound like? I used to go clubbing and they had rough sounding kit. Was never sure if it was the amps, or speakers. Might have been a bit of both.
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What do they sound like? I used to go clubbing and they had rough sounding kit.
Yes, after a night in a club I always appreciated the sound of my hi-fi.

These ones sound ok in the club, but they're being limited by a fair bit of processing before the signal reaches them.
Between DJ and these, the signal first goes through a compressor - the very last thing we'd want in a hi-fi system.

But it's protection against over zealous DJs and I suspect may also have been more than partly responsible for some of the poor club sound that we remember.


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